How to look bloody for Halloween

Halloween is coming up, and I know a lot of people who say this is their very favorite holiday (yes, I'm talking about you, Angie).  If you're a creative person and you've got some money for make-up, you don't need to go to a Halloween store for your costume.  At least not for your face, anyhow.  Regular make-up can do the tricks to make you look dead or just bloody and injured.  And you can use it for other things so it's not like you're spending a bunch of money for one night only.

The easiest look to do yourself is making pretend cuts and blood on yourself.  Bruises are pretty easy, too.  One night I decided to play around with a "dead" look.  (Yes, sometimes I just play with make-up for no particular reason.)  First I made my face look as pale as possible by using my lightest colored foundation, with a creme formula for the best coverage.  Then I put pale translucent powder over it.  Next up I put a very pale lipstick on.  A matte texture works best, since dead people usually don't have glossy lips.  Then I used a combination of red lipstick (MAC's Ruby Woo has a great matte texture, or if you want that still oozy blood effect, you can try MAC's Russian Red or MAC Red), and red creme eyeshadow from Make Up For Ever (you'll find it listed as Flash Color No. 001 at Sephora or MUFE's web site).  I played around to get the color of a cut, which is darker and more matte than the color of running blood.  Another good source of "bloody" make-up is Ben Nye.  They're well-known for theatrical make-up and it's sold online at many sites.  I found fake blood by Ben Nye on this site:

Here is a photo of one I did.  I'll think up a few more between now and halloween and do some more examples.


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