Bring on summer brights! Orange and yellow eyes

I saw this photo of a model in W recently.  At first I thought "cool!", then I thought "would anyone actually wear that in public?"   So I decided to see what version of it I could create.  

This photo is my finished eye, closed so that you can see the colors

Make-up used:

NYC yellow and orange duo color (I thought I'd experiment with a more affordable brand)
Liner - MAC Penultimate liner in Rapid Black
Mascara - L'Oreal Voluminous False fiber lashes
Concealer - Make Up For Ever #4
Lipstick - MAC Ruby Woo (matte red)

The first step was to put the yellow shadow on both lids  You may be able to see on the 2nd photo that my primer dried with a little crease in my eye.  My bad - make sure yours doesn't do that by smoothing it when it starts to dry.  Use your finger to pat it if you have to.

Next I put the orange in the inner corner and up over the crease.  On this eye I used the NYC orange that came with the yellow.  On the other eye I used a MAC shadow that I'd had for awhile.  The only difference that I noticed was better pigmentation (brighter) with the MAC shadow.
I extended the yellow under the brow like the picture in the magazine, then I blended.
Next I brushed my eyebrows into place and darkened them with some of Anastasia's brow powder for blondes.
Next up was lining my eyes.  I used my MAC Penultimate liner in Rapid Black, since it's the easiest way I have to use liquid liner.  It goes on so much easier than other liquid liners with looser brushes.
 As usual, I started from the middle of the eye and drew a line to the outer corner, then drew a 2nd line which started in the inner corner and connected to the first line in the middle.  It's much easier to do it this way than to try to draw one steady, smooth line from inner corner to outer corner, trust me!
Then I drew a line along the bottom lashes

Then I applied mascara to the underside of the upper lashes (the side facing in toward your eye when your eyes are open), then the outer side of the upper lashes.  I always start as close to the base of the lashes as I can, and wiggle the brush a little as I comb upwards.  Then I use the tip of my brush to get the curly lashes on the outer corner.

And finally those little lower lashes.  Again I often use the tip of my mascara wand or a smaller one like L'Oreal's Telescopic Explosion which is a little round ball.

To match the picture of the model, I put on a matte red lipstick.  It actually looked better than I thought it would.  I doubt I'd wear it to a business meeting, but I might wear it to a casual dinner or a summer party.  It's always good to stretch your boundaries and find out what other "looks" are out there that may look fabulous on you.


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