How to accessorize your summer outfits

When the weather is hot and humid I like to keep my accessories light.  Earrings in a light color or plain metal will add a nice touch to any outfit, casual or dressy.  A simple necklace won't stick to your skin but can make an outfit a little more interesting, especially if you're wearing a V-neck.  Sunglasses are a must for every daytime outfit, and if you have a few pairs you can choose the ones that match the mood of your outfit - work, casual weekend or dressy lunch.  As for shoes, I prefer flats or heels that I can just slip on.  Neutral colors and metallic silver and/or gold are great because they go with any color outfit.  And don't forget your manicure and pedicure.  Those are the hottest accessories to have right now!
Below are some examples of my favorite type of jewelry and shoes for summer.  What are your favorite hot weather accessories?
Swarovski crystal earrings - 405 Creations
Butterfly multi-colored crystal earrings - 405 creations
Silver and purple earrings - 405 creations
Franco Sarto wedge sandals

bow manicure

Shell necklace - 405 Creations


  1. Replies
    1. It is! I'm not big on doing my nails but I might have to try this one.

    2. I agree. I wonder if I can get my manicurist to try to recreate it without using fake nails.

  2. These Franco wedges would work well in a modern, minimalist outfit. The shell necklace too, over a black dress!
    Nice tips and interesting selection :)
    I think I'll be wearing a lot of kitsch, colorful handmade necklaces and bracelets this summer.

    1. You're right about the black & white wedges. They have a unique shape to the wedge so they are best with a modern outfit.
      I'm glad to hear you wear handmade jewelry. There are a lot of us selling on Etsy so we appreciate it!

  3. Love your blue toenail polish with those black and white shoes. Very cool. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

    Heather - The Style Confessions


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