A few of my picks from Fashion Month

Fashion Week in Paris has wrapped up a month's worth of shows in different cities, and I'm enjoying looking through the photos from all of them when I have a chance.  It would take a very long time to look at every designer, so I'm just choosing a few favorites and others randomly.  Click here to look at all of my pins on Pinterest, or click the Fashion tab at the top of this page to see a few that I found notable.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 ready to wear collection
All photos from Style.com


  1. I absolutely adorable Alexander McQueen. This just reminded me to go swoon over the Fall 2012 collections.

    1. Most of the pictures that I downloaded were from the Fall collection. My favorite by far. I haven't yet looked at the spring collection. It seems odd to look at that when it's just getting chilly here.

  2. I adoreeeeee fashion week, lol.
    Lagos, Nigeria

    1. Have you ever been, Barbara? I've never gotten to go in person but it's nice that it gets so much online coverage now that we can still see all of the shows and outfits.

  3. Cute blog! Nice post
    Found your blog on IFB and I am now following
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    1. I like your blog, too. It sounds like the customer service in your country is about as bad as some places here. It's definitely not what it used to be! But there are some people that are still nice so I appreciate that.
      BTW I love your profile pic/avatar. It's beautiful!


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