Review of Goody spin pins for hair

One of the items in the VoxBox I received was these two Goody spin pins.  They are so very cool!  I pulled my hair back with my hands, twisted it, then tucked it up against my head.  I put in 1 of the pins from the bottom, and twisted it in.  Then I put the other one at the top of the "bun" (the open end goes into the hair), and twisted it in.  They both went in very easily, and held the updo very tightly.  I was so impressed!  It wasn't the neatest bun ever, but that's supposed to be "in" right now anyhow.   I LOVE these and will definitely be using them a lot.  I highly recommend them!


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous this way!

  2. Thankk you! These worked so well I will definitely use them for this style and some others.


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