Would you wear it? Vol II

I had fun doing my last post about "Would You Wear It", so I decided to do another one.  If I can find enough interesting things, I'll make this a regular column.
My first item this week is a pair of polka dot draped front pants.  I've seen draped front pants a few times
recently.  I've got to say, it's something that  I wouldn't do.  Anything that makes my stomach, butt or hips bigger is something that I don't want to do. 

Brigette Bailey draped front pants
photo from www.farfetch.com

 My "can't do" list includes drop-crotch pants. Oh no, no, no... I do not want to look like this.
Comme de Garcons drop crotch pants
photo from www.farfetch.com

 Cowboy boots are another trend that I find interesting.  I remember when they were somewhat popular in the "80's, I think brought about by the "Urban Cowboy" movie.  I would have worn them then, but not now.
Madden Girl boots - Sanquine
photo from zappos.com

 I have worn a coat like this before.  When I was in college, my boyfriend's mom gave me a black one. At that point in life I was happy to have a really warm coat without having to buy it.  Now I care more about whether a coat is flattering, so I wouldn't wear one.  You?
Nau long stuffed coat
photo from zappos.com

 This last item is something that I would at least try on to see how it looked on me.  I'm not big on rubber soles, but I do like the look of this so I may make an exception.  What about you?  Would you wear any of these items?

Doc Marten Sabrina open boot
photo from zappos.com


  1. I can do the coat and that's about it. I like the cowboy boots, but I can't do super narrow shoes.

    The polka dot pants are cute, but the pockets would add to my already wide hips!


  2. Yes, Monica, I realized that most of the reasons that I wouldn't wear some items is because they wouldn't look very good on me! We do get a little wiser as we get older. :-)


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