Review of Maybelline's Baby Lips balm

 The packaging of the Baby Lip's tubes might make you think it's for tweens, but it's actually a great lip balm for girls and women of all ages.  Some are clear balms, and others are colored.  All of them are very moisturizing, and feel much better to me than the waxy types of lip balm.  And as a bonus, the colored ones actually deposit visible color on your lips. I can wear these as both a moisturizing balm and a gloss.  The clear ones have an SPF of 20, but the colored ones don't appear to have any SPF.  That's the only negative that I can think of.  Another positive is really nice smells.  No taste that I notice, but that's a plus for me.  The price is usually a little above $3.00, which is about the same as Nivea and other similar balms.  All in all I love these.  They've become my new lip balm of choice.  Take a look at the colors.
The pink punch balm actually has a matte look to it

Grape Vine, Coral crush, pink punch, quenched


  1. I have not picked these up yet .. they look great for a quick on the go appliction. Hmm, CVS here I come :-)



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