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Yesterday was the start of Fashion Week in New York, the twice yearly event where fashion designers show their collections to buyers, editors, celebrities, bloggers and a few others. It used to be a purely business event, where the only people in attendance were buyers and editors.  In recent years, however, it's become entertainment as well as business.  While I've never been able to attend, it's almost not necessary anymore.  Many shows are live-streamed online, and web sites like put photos of the collections online the same day that they show (all of the photos below are from  
On another note, I've got a few things on my mind right now.  My father has a 3 day appointment at the Cancer Treatment Center starting today where hopefully they'll come up with a better treatment plan than the doctors that he's already seen (which has been chemo as the only option).  I've heard great things about them and am very hopeful that they'll give him good advice. Originally he was to have surgery where they would completely remove his bladder, but the surgeon changed his mind, saying that he didn't think that my father's heart would hold up through the surgery. (For any of you who smoke, be aware that bladder cancer is strongly linked to smoking.  I know that when you're young it seems like smoking can't hurt.  The future seems so far away.  But it can come up faster than you expect.  I was in my early 40's when I was diagnosed with cancer.  Surprised me AND my doctors.  So don't think that it can't happen to you.)  Anyhow, back to my father... I realize that my father is getting older and at some point I will have to deal with the loss of him. But I'm not ready for that yet.  I also have a few personal decisions that I'm trying to make right now.  And so, what better thing to distract myself with than looking at the collections that showed today?
I must say, I wasn't blown away.  There were a few things I liked, but there were more that I didn't like.  I chose a few photos to share with you, and I have more on my Pinterest board for Fall 2013
First, I love a good suit, and this one from Veronica Beard is gorgeous.  As someone who would look terrible in skinny pants, I was so glad to see these nicely flaired pants.

Veronica Beard A/W 13

This jacket from Veronica is fantastic, too.  I would LOVE to have it.
Veronica Beard Fall 2013
Although I don't wear fur, I liked this skirt a lot. I would have paired it with a dressier top, though.  After all, I don't think that I could wear it on a casual outing considering the length.

How cute is this skirt from Lisa Perry?  There's also a matching coat, and the dress below this photo.

I also liked this black and white dress - such a cool pattern (although I think it would make people stare at your breasts whether they wanted to or not.)

Last, in the sad category of anorexic looking models...  This can't possibly be healthy! Her legs look too thin to carry her body.  Is it just me??

Creatures of Comfort 

P.S. I realize that technically this should be on the fashion page, but since the post was a mix of personal and fashion, I chose to put it on my general page.


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