What makes you feel attractive?

This question was posed to me recently, and I had to think hard about my answer.  Was it a good hair day? Nice lipstick? Being in good shape? Having a manicure? High heels?  The answer to all of those was "no", although they all help, especially a good hair day.  My answer is having my brows done, preferably with a good arch.
For many years I didn't realize what an effect good eye brows have.  Then I saw a movie with Angelina Jolie in it. She was one of the most stunning women I'd ever seen. Over time I pondered what made her so attractive.  The full lips were an easy thing to choose.  But the longer I looked at her, the more I realized that for me, it was her eyes. Specifically, her eye brows. They had such a great arch.  She always looked like she was saying "come here, baby" without saying a word.  (see the following photos)

Look at the arch in Angelina Jolie's brows - a fabulous seductive look

Hardly any make up, but the arch in the brow still makes her look fantastic

Angelina's brows are a little thicker now (as that is the current look), but they still have a great arch
Me? I had no come hither look. I hated plucking my eye brows. It was painful so I just didn't do it. But now I wondered what they could look like. So off to the salon I went to try getting my brows waxed. Afterwards, I was amazed at how much it opened up my face.  Left to their own devices, my brows go straight across. After waxing, they had a nice rounded arch.  I was hooked.  When I moved to California, my "next door neighbor" at work was a gorgeous Persian woman. I asked her where she got her brows done, and found a make up artist that spent most of her day on Saturday waxing brows.  She was so good that I'd get compliments on my eye brows.
Recently I've been very short on cash, so instead of my monthly waxing, I've been plucking my own.  It's not nearly as painful as I remembered, and I'm pleased with the results.  I will never be able to get an arch like Olivia Wilde (see below), but my own is not too shabby (scroll to the last photos).
Olivia Wilde's brows are favorites of mine, too.  All in all, her eyes are beautiful.

This photo of Olivia Wilde shows that it doesn't matter what color your brows are, as long as they're visible
My own brows aren't even - my right one is higher and has a better arch than the left

Make sure that your brows are dark enough to be a frame for your eyes
What about you?  Do you get your brows done or do you do your own?  Do you like your eye brows?

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  1. Love these pictures, they really so show the beauty of the arch! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. I do my own mainly because I'm afraid of handing something so important to someone else. But I'm sure if you found someone who does it well, you would go to them for life!

    FashionEdible Blog

  3. I just do my eye brows myself .. I think they are good .. no one has called me Sasquatch yet .. so I must be doing ok ;-)


  4. Brows - when I pamper myself I do my brows. And I would like to make them up more regularly when I go out. Your brows here are beautiful. Mine are all wonky but I like to think they add character - I keep telling myself...


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