Prabal Gurung for Target

The week before last I decided to go to my local Target and check out the collaboration that they had with Prabal Gurung. I've liked Prabal's designs in the past, and the commercials showed some cute things as well.  The collection had been in stores for a few days by the time I got there, so there was very little left. Most of the popular sizes were gone, too. I did manage to find 2 things that I liked that fit me.  The first is a bright blue and peach cardigan.  It's very thin, perfect for layering, and so cute.

There was also a black floral tank top that I liked a lot.  I'll have to wait a little while until it's warm enough to wear it, but I'm glad that I got it.

There were several very cute, colorful items left that I would have liked to have had if they'd had them in my size.  But that's what I get for waiting to go check it out!  Did any of you buy something from the collection?


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