Clarisonic Opal review

You might have heard about the Clarisonic.  I had but didn't know much about them, so I did some research.    It turned out that there are several kinds of the Clarisonic, each with different names.  There are at least three that are for cleansing your skin, the Aria, the Mia, and the Mia2.  I'll have a review of the Aria written soon.  This review is for the 4th one, the Opal.  The Opal isn't for cleansing, it's only for putting serum or cream around your eyes.  If you look at the picture below, you'll see a little white nub at the top edge of it. It's a solid but somewhat flexible, rubbery circle.  You put your eye serum or cream in it, then you turn the Opal on, and move that nub around your orbital bone.  It's similar to patting your eye cream on with your fingers, which dermatologists recommend.  The Opal, however, can go much faster than your finger, therefore the theory is that it gets the cream or serum to penetrate better.  The only downside, in my opinion, is that you are only supposed to use it on the skin over your orbital bone - the bone that surrounds your eyes.  For me this means that I can't get it on the fine lines right under my eye, or the loose skin on my upper eyelid.  For those I put the eye cream on with my finger like I always have.  (The concern is in using a machine that vibrates your skin over your eye ball could cause some type of damage.  That's something that I don't want to mess with, so I follow directions.)  BUT, I don't see fine lines on the corners of my eyes anymore.  If my eyes are puffy and I use my Opal, the puffiness goes down noticeably.  On top of those two things, it feels good.  Those 3 things are enough to make me love it.
You can buy the Opal at Sephora, Nordstrom and probably a few other stores that I'm unaware of.  Also there are a lot of online sites selling them, including the Clarisonic site.  It is pricey, and partially for that reason I bought mine at Nordstrom.  Not only did I have the reassurance of their great return policy, but the saleswoman showed me how to use it.  AND I got mine in a beautiful glittery red color (I only see black and white on the Clarisonic site).  Time will be the best indicator of how well it works, but I'm enjoying using it.  Have any of you tried any of the Clarisonic products?  If so, what did you think?



  1. I have the Opal and think it's .. ok. I probably don't use it enough as I'm always in such a rush in the morning.

    I like your new header! Very nice :-)



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