Want to try ombre lips?

Ombre is everywhere.  A simple definition of the word is a gradual change from one color to another.  Ombre hair is the most popular beauty adaptation of the trend.  For that reason, and that I don't think blondes look as good with ombre, I've skipped it.  I don't really want to look like everyone else.  Ombre lips, however, is something that I can handle.  Originally I thought it would look too odd, but when I tried it, I liked it.  The key, in my opinion, is choosing colors that look good together, and that blend well.  My first experiment with it was something that not many women will like - light blue and purple lips.  Next I tried more acceptable colors - red and orange.   If that's too scary for you, use red and pink or pink and berry colors.  It looks best if you use the lighter color in the center of your lips, and the darker hue on the edges.  Then blend, blend, blend.  If it's not well-blended it will look unnatural (and in some circumstances, that's fine).  Just be careful when blending because it's easy to cover the lighter color with the darker one.  (If you press your lips together a lot, like I do, it will probably happen anyhow, but it will take longer.)

The finished ombre lip look
 First I used a lip brush to apply MAC's Lip Mix Orange to the center of my lips.  You can do the same with regular lipstick.

Next I used a brush to paint Lip Mix in Crimson to the outer edge of my lips.

Then I started to blend the red over the orange.  Alternatively you can brush the lighter color over the darker one.  And yes, I know that the red is bleeding on the edges.  Since I was just experimenting I didn't care.

More blending on the bottom.

The finished look.  It's subtle but different.

And just for fun, here's my blue and purple ombre lip.

There's also no reason that you can't use more than 2 colors if you want.  Just blend well and choose harmonious colors.  Have fun!


  1. wow it looks good on you! Ombre lips are amazing :) but I think it will look weird on me haha. Maybe because I don't really have lips -__- XD

    1. No, that can't be true. Now I'm going to your site to look at your lips...


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