Pure Heroine

I love purple lipstick, and I will buy almost any purple lipstick that MAC puts out. (My limitation is not buying other brands. I have to draw the line somewhere.)  I also like Lorde's music (you may have heard the song "Royals"?)  So when I heard she was collaborating with MAC on a purple lipstick, I was on board.  Since I do have quite a few purple lipsticks and glosses, I thought this might look just like one of my others.  The name is Pure Heroine, which made me wonder how similar it would be to MAC's Heroine lipstick.  Regular Heroine is a matte, and Pure Heroine is an amplified finish (more creamy), so I knew at least that would make a difference.  Pure Heroine is less pink, more purple than regular Heroine, and it has a tiny bit of sparkle, too.  The picture below has Pure Heroine swatched on top and Heroine below it. I absolutely love Pure Heroine. A perfect bright color for summer, and nice and creamy, too.
If you want a darker look just line your lips with MAC's Vino or any other dark purple lip liner, or layer another darker purple lipstick with it.  (Lorde's make up artist uses Vino.)
It is still in stock on MAC's web site.  This one will not be coming to Nordstrom's or any other department stores, so get it from MAC while you can!


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