MAC's Artificially Wild - Nudes with an attitude

MAC debuted several new items and collections in stores this week.  They've repackaged their face and body foundation, something that I've yet to try but have heard good things about.  They released an homage to Marge Simpson (more on that in a separate post), and they also launched a small collection called "Artificially Wild", a bit of a throwback to the ninetie's nudes and browns (if you hadn't noticed, there's a lot of nineties redux happening).  At first glance, I thought I could easily skip this one.  Nudes? Earthtones? Ho-hum.  But instead of the usual suspects, these are neutrals with a little twist.

There are a few eyeshadows in shades other than just the usual beige and brown.  Artificial Earth is a mauve nude, Stony is a light concrete grey, Marsh is described as a "dirty olive green", and Natural Wilderness is mustard gold nude.  I'm most intrigued by Marsh, its a nice green for fall, and different from anything that I have.

The lipsticks attracted me the most (as is usually the case). Photo is described as a golden brown, which I'll have to go to the store to try on since I have a few browns already. The same goes for Yash and Siss.  No hurry, anyhow, since those are in the permanent line.  I had to try Shitake and Icon. Shitake is a glaze and Icon is a frost.  Both are sheer, so you can use 1 layer for a very natural look or apply several layers for more opaque coverage. Not surprisingly, I loved them both.

There are also 3 blushes, Pink Cult (a pink which seems to have a cult following), Next to Skin, a very pale beige which a lot of people love, and Taupe, which I decided to try.  I love the texture (Satin), the opacity is very good, and it's a nice beige.

There are also 4 lip glosses, which all look beautiful, but I have so many glosses that I made myself skip them.  There are also 3 Cream Color Bases, which are creams that you can use on cheeks or eyes.  Breaking Ground is an iridescent mauve, Shell is a beige-pink, and Au Nature is a mustard olive.  I was tempted to buy Breaking Ground but I have a few other of these and I rarely use them.

Overall, I like this collection much more than I expected.  It's perfect for fall, yet these are also neutrals that I can use year-round.

Clockwise from top left: Icon lipstick, Shitake lipstick, Taupe blush, Coquette eye shadow (not part of the collection)


Icon on left, Shitake on right

the Taupe blush on my skin

Taupe blush
Marsh eye shadow


  1. Not sure I'd go for this collection, but the Marge Simpson stuff is soooo cute! Will look forward to your post on that collection.



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