MAC's Matte Lip collection

I am so behind on posts! I've been so busy with other things, like taming wild cats (more on that shortly) and Dr. appointments. But I had to share my beautiful new lippies. I love creamy lipsticks, but I'm beginning to like mattes more and more. I've been a fan of them ever since I first tried MAC's Ruby Woo.  It's the perfect "pin-up girl" red.   In the past year I've discovered a new reason to love the matte texture - it doesn't bleed outside of your lips. Something that only older women will appreciate.  So when I heard that MAC was doing a collection of matte lipsticks I typed it in my date book.
This collection has something for everyone as far as colors.  It has a bright pinky red, Damn Glamorous, an orange-red, La Vie En Rouge, a to die for raspberry wine, Fashion Revival (my absolute favorite, it's very similar in color to Rebel), a gorgeous peachy-mocha, Pander Me, a dark plum, Living Legend, a grayish-brown, Styled in Sepia, which looks much better than it sounds, and a very nice rose-pink, Nouvelle Vogue.  Heroine is also in this collection but it is a permanent lipstick, a nice purple that people went crazy for when it was first brought out as a limited edition lippie.
NONE of these are sold out online, which is amazing, and they're also available at select stores like Nordstrom's and Macy's.  I decided to try out Styled in Sepia, Pander Me, Fashion Revival, and Nouvelle Vogue. I absolutely love all 4 of them. Here are a few swatches, etc.

Fashion Revival is my absolute favorite of the bunch.  If you like MAC's Rebel, you'll love this color.

Fashion Revival, no liner or primer

Swatches of Styled in Sepia (top) and Fashion Revival (bottom)

Styled in Sepia, also no liners or primer used. On some people it may look more gray, but on me it's exactly like a sepia toned photo
I really, really like this lipstick. I don't have anything else like it.
Nouvelle Vogue

Nouvelle Vogue looks like just another pink, but it's got that rosy hue like Hoop had.

Nouvelle Vogue (top) and Pander Me (bottom)

Pander Me, another interesting color
Mattes do tend to show dry, cracked lips, so if you're going to try this be sure to exfoliate your lips or apply a primer before the lipstick. Then you'll look fantastic!


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