First look at MAC Bao Bao Wan collection

I haven't been this excited for a MAC collection since the Matte Lip collection in September.   It was certainly quite the ordeal to get ahold of these things before they sold out. I haven't gotten to swatch things yet, as my poor Scully had some sort of an episode again on Monday and lost her vision.  Cats do adapt to being blind an learn to navigate around quickly, but for the first few days she was scared and unsteady on her feet.  She has gotten better about that, but seems more restless and meows A LOT while I'm sleeping. I'm worried that something else is wrong so I keep waking up to check on her.  As a result I haven't slept much for 4 nights and I am EXHAUSTED.  I've just been too tired to get swatches in good light, but I have photographed things so I can at least share those.  The collection has beautiful packaging.  Unfortunately, it has sold out fast here in the U.S., so if you haven't already gotten something already, it may be hard to find.

Burmese Kiss lipstick

The eye shadow palette named Bao Bao's Jewels.

Forbidden Sunrise lipstick

Lavender Jade lipstick

Summer Opal beauty powder
I'll also have some photos from the Cinderella collection soon and some swatches.


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