MAC Patentpolishes

If you didn't try MAC's lip crayons the first time that they came out, you have another chance.  I know that I'm "MAC biased", but between Nars, Urban Decay, and MAC's crayons, I like MAC's the best because I don't have to sharpen them. Plus the rounded tip makes them very easy to apply, even without a mirror. They only come in 1 finish, so if you're looking for a variety of finishes this isn't for you (try Nars in that case). These usually have a slightly glossy finish, but they're not tacky. They work wonderfully on lips with deep lip lines, they float over the lines but don't bleed.
This time around I bought 2 to try, French Kiss, a nude that was originally released with the Osbourne collection, and Ruby.  I don't remember if Ruby is a re-release.  Anyhow, here's a hand swatch in natural light:
French Kiss on the left Ruby on the right
And below swatches on my lips.  I love both colors. I heard that they were making these permanent and I really hope that's true. Stop by your MAC counter and give them a try.  I hope that you're enjoying your weekend!

French Kiss only (no liner or primer)

Ruby (again no liner or primer)


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