Sunday, July 31, 2011

My newest jewelry item

Is this beautiful blue and green necklace that looks like a lariat necklace, but it isn't.  there are three parts to it, and they're each connected with a beautiful gold rose link.  Dangling on your chest is a gorgeous Swarovski teardrop pendant that changes from green to blue depending on how the light hits it.  It's available for sale on my Etsy shop.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seriously, test new skin care products somewhere other than your face

Yesterday  I decided to try a skin care sample (a moisturizer) on one side of my face, and use my regular one on the other side.  I thought it was a great way to see if one was better.  Well, it certainly was a great way to tell if there was a difference.  The difference is that apparently I'm allergic to the sample!  Yesterday I only noticed a patch of red skin on my cheek, but today I woke up with a BIG red patch that itches like crazy and has made my left eye swell.  Hydrocortisone is providing only slight relief.
Prior to this I've always tested any new product wherever I planned on using it.  I've had a few that caused burning or stinging, but never anything this bad.  So in the future I'll try new products somewhere less visible, and in very small amounts.  You might want to think about doing the same.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What to wear when you hate the way you look?

I have lots of clothes that I like.  Unfortunately, I don't think many of them fit me right now.  Due to a certain medication that had a nasty side-effect of rapid weight gain, I'm now 2 sizes larger than I was 1 1/2 years ago.  So I don't feel like I look good in anything.  But I enjoy fashion!  I like to be stylish.  I want to wear some of my great clothes again.  So I'm going to do some experimenting and see if there's any way I can still look great in some of my old clothes.  I already know having make-up on helps tremendously - it gives my face dimension instead of looking like a big blob.
Now I'm going to try some outfits, and if I come up with successful looks, I'll post pics of them.  If not, you'll see nothing!   Experimenting to come....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red white and blue beauty - red eyes?

I know most women don't wear red eyeshadow.  I thought of doing the red post of this series using red lipstick, but since I AM one of those women who wears red eyeshadow, I decided to show that.  Because it's really not odd looking at all.  The only reason that red hasn't been a common eyeshadow color was that something in the red pigment was irritating to eyes.  But they've found a way around that, apparently.  I apologize again for some of the blurry pictures.
The finished look - red eyeshadow with grey in crease.
I'm sure that there are several make-up lines who carry red shadow, but the only ones that I have are from Make-Up Forever and MAC.  For this example, I used Make-Up Forever's Flash Color No. 001 (a creme).

Next I put on black liner, again with my MAC Penultimate liner, starting from the center and going out, then filling in the inside corner.  After that I line the lower eyelid, and put mascara on top and bottom.

Next is the highlight color for under the arch of my eyebrow (now that I have a little arch again).  One of my favorites is Moonlight powder by Stila.

After that I brushed and colored my brows. It feels so good to have neat, groomed brows again! (Thank you to Janet at Philip Pelusi Salon in Cranberry, PA)

You could stop here.  I think the red shadow and black liner look great by themselves, especially for daylight. If you want a more dramatic or evening look, you can add a dark shadow in the crease.  I put dark grey shadow in the crease.  You could also use black, but in my opinion one deep, striking color is enough.  Especially on someone with fair skin.  I used Laura Mercier's shadow and one of her crease brushes - those are the only kind I will use for putting shadow in the crease because they work perfectly.
Laura Mercier eye shadow powder in Smoky Grey

Then I use a fluffy brush to blend it out.  And that's it.  Wear a nude or pale pink lipstick and you'll look dramatically gorgeous.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jade and cherry quartz necklace

Here's a few pictures of one of my newly finished creations.  I don't have it ready to sell quite yet, still have to price it, get a few more pictures, and write up the description, but I thought I'd post some pictures.  I love it so much I'm not positive that I can sell it!  Any feedback?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to Kirsten Vangsness

Because good things come in pairs, this week there were 2 members of the cast of Criminal Minds that had birthdays.  The second one was Kirsten Vangsness, whose birthday was the 6th or 7th.  (I'm obviously not a fanatic or I'd remember the exact day.)  Kirsten, for those who don't know, plays Penelope Garcia, the team's technical analyst and hacking guru.  She also is the most fashion forward member of the team, to say the least.  She has an eclectic sense of style that makes her stand out.  And that, along with the fact that she's a fellow geek, makes me love the character.  Kirsten herself is not a geek, but does have a funky sense of style.  It's not the kind of style that's going to get her on the cover of Vogue, it's the kind that geeks, rebels, and women who like uniqueness admire.
This is my "thank you" to Kirsten for being such an interesting person and fabulous actress.

A.J. Cook and Kirsten on the set of Criminal Minds
Pictures from Kirsten Vangsness, via Twitter

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Thomas Gibson aka Hotch and Agent Hotchner

I'm breaking from my usual topics to wish my favorite TV profiler a happy birthday.
Today, July 3rd, Thomas Gibson of TVs Criminal Minds turns 49.  Criminal Minds is my favorite TV show, and Thomas is my favorite of the cast.  (And since I love every cast member, that's a pretty big accomplishment.)  He plays the character of Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner perfectly.  Hotch is the Unit Chief of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, aka "the BAU".  His character is serious, smart, strong, and a great leader.  At the same time, we see glimpses of a tender and caring father, and a regular guy with a sense of humor and true empathy for the crime victims.  If you've never watched the show, you can watch re-runs on ION or A & E channels.  Their 100th episode is an absolute must-see.  It helps, however, if you watch a few other episodes that are tied to the subject.  The first is "Omnivore", Disc 5 from Season 5.  The next is technically the finale from Season 5, but you could skip it and still understand the storyline by watching the season opener for Season 6, "Nameless, Faceless", and then from Season 6, "Outfoxed".  Episode 100 is one of the few of any show that made me cry, each time I saw it for about the first 5 times.  (Yes, I am a big fan, and watch the re-runs every week.)

Thomas Gibson also played Greg on the show "Dharma and Greg", and regularly tweets to his fans on Twitter.