Wednesday, March 25, 2015

MAC x Julia Petit collection and swatches

If you've tried to buy anything from the last few limited edition MAC collections, you know that it requires good timing and dedication to get the most in demand items.  I thought the collaboration with Julia Petit would be a bit easier, since she's a Brazilian star/model/blogger and not that well-known in the U.S.  I was wrong.
I'm usually ordering online the second that it goes on sale, but this time I was tired and got lost in a TV show so I wasn't watching the site for a few minutes.  (Of course that was when it went on sale.)  So I was a few minutes late to begin with, and then I paused for probably a minute debating on which payment method to use. Just that fast Boca lipstick was snatched out of my cart because it sold out.  I swear it was only on sale for 10-15 minutes before it sold out.  I quickly finished my order to get Acai, the Lustre Drops and Petite Red.  Then I decided to go back and place a 2nd order (as I often do) to get the Linda blush, but alas, it sold out before I could finish the order.  I was amazed, within the first 20 minutes 2 of the lipsticks were sold out and the blush.  I wasn't surprised when this happened for the Bao Bao Wan collection or Cinderella, but this one took me by surprise.
But I got the items that I wanted the most. I was unsure about how Boca would look on me, and I knew that there were permanent lipsticks that were very close dupes for it.  So I ordered Faux lipstick, which is indeed a very close dupe and I'm happy with it.  As far as the blush, I honestly didn't think it looked like anything too special, as there are plenty of peachy colored blushes available.
I just got my order today and snapped a few quick photos of what I got. My favorite item is the Acai lipstick, it is a gorgeous color and looks beautiful on. I was also very happy with Faux lipstick, although it does seem to make my lip lines more pronounced (I fear I'm getting to the point where I can't wear lighter colors of lipstick without gloss).  I swatched Brave over the weekend which is also named as a good Boca Dupe. I didn't swatch it on my lips, but I'll have to do that soon and see if it holds up better.  The lustre drops were a pleasant surprise.  I've never tried them but I put some on my hand and it was very very pretty.  I haven't had much luck getting powder highlighters to show up on me but these definitely will.
So here's what I got, and remember, the collection with Phillip Treacy (the milliner) releases online this Thursday.  It's also a small collection, with 3 lipsticks, I believe 3 fluid lines, and 2 (gorgeous) powders.  I have to say that all of the lippies are a skip for me, since I have plenty of reds and pinks that are dupes, and I have No Faux Pas already.  And with all of the fluid lines coming out in the big Spring collection (MAC is Beauty), I think I can wait to get those, too.  Finally, a few collections that I don't have to stress over.

Acai and Petite Red lipsticks
Acai clings to my lip lines and dry spots, too, but it's not as noticeable unless you're looking this close up.   It also leaves a stain after you eat and drink, which is nice

Faux lipstick (Boca dupe) Pretty color, but not great on my older lip lines

Faux lipstick with Water Deities gloss softens the lip lines a bit

Swatches: top - Lustre Drops
L to R:
Petite Red, Faux, Acai

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Swatches from MAC's Bao Bao Wan lipsticks

I've finally got a chance to wear my lipsticks from this collection so I thought I'd share some photos and some thoughts. My favorite of them all is Burmese Kiss, then Forbidden Sunrise, and last (believe it or not) is Lavender Jade.  These are all mattes, and they are not forgiving if your lips are dry like mine have been lately.  They're also not too great for older women (like me) who have deep lip lines.  The lighter a color is, the worse it looks on dry/mature lips, which is why Lavender Jade didn't look great on me.
That said, if I wear lip primer or gloss with these I think they'll look great.  But to be the most helpful to others, I'm posting pics WITHOUT lip primer, but I did add gloss to Lavender Jade.  Spring is coming (at some point) so bring out the bright lipsticks!

Burmese Kiss

Forbidden Sunrise

Lavender Jade with MAC's Reckless Desire lipgloss

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The MAC Cinderella collection

I'm not a big fan of fairy tales that tell little girls that a man will come and "save" them.  I heard/saw plenty of them when I was growing up and I think that's part of the reason that I had so many bad relationships.  On the surface I seemed independent - I moved out of my parents and into an apartment in the city with a friend, I put myself through college and was the first one in my family to get a college degree, I was the first of my siblings to move to another state. But always I was looking for a strong take-charge kind of man, and waiting for the day when I could get married, have children, and stop working. (That never happened.)
So when I first saw that MAC was doing a Cinderella collection, I thought "it's just another Disney fairy tale collection." I also thought that the products were too "meh". But the more I looked at the collection, the more I saw how well it represented the character of Cinderella.  Subtle, glittery, luminescent, innocent, and magical.  So... I ended up with the 2 powders, the Royal Ball lipstick, and the Happily Ever After lipgloss.  And I kind of wish I had bought the eyeshadow palette, too!  It has such great, every day colors in it. I haven't had a chance to actually wear any of the things yet, but here are some photos of what I got, at least.  They are all very sheer and pale, but I think they'll be great for a subtle look.
I want to see the movie, too. I guess that little girl somewhere inside me still likes the idea of the fairy tale, even though I know now that it's just that, a tale.

My favorite item is the iridescent powder, Coupe d'Chic. It's a pretty golden pink. 

The lipgloss is so pretty, too. A nice medium pink with tiny shimmer.

The Mystery Princess beauty powder is a silvery pink color.

Royal Ball is a very sheer pinky-beige

Friday, March 6, 2015

First look at MAC Bao Bao Wan collection

I haven't been this excited for a MAC collection since the Matte Lip collection in September.   It was certainly quite the ordeal to get ahold of these things before they sold out. I haven't gotten to swatch things yet, as my poor Scully had some sort of an episode again on Monday and lost her vision.  Cats do adapt to being blind an learn to navigate around quickly, but for the first few days she was scared and unsteady on her feet.  She has gotten better about that, but seems more restless and meows A LOT while I'm sleeping. I'm worried that something else is wrong so I keep waking up to check on her.  As a result I haven't slept much for 4 nights and I am EXHAUSTED.  I've just been too tired to get swatches in good light, but I have photographed things so I can at least share those.  The collection has beautiful packaging.  Unfortunately, it has sold out fast here in the U.S., so if you haven't already gotten something already, it may be hard to find.

Burmese Kiss lipstick

The eye shadow palette named Bao Bao's Jewels.

Forbidden Sunrise lipstick

Lavender Jade lipstick

Summer Opal beauty powder
I'll also have some photos from the Cinderella collection soon and some swatches.