Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Estee Edit and my blue lipstick obsession

As I mentioned in my last post, I've had a craving for blue lipsticks recently. I also like the look of dark green lipsticks, so when Urban Decay came out with their new Vice lipsticks I planned to get the dark green one. I had it in my hand and was busy swatching the other 99 Vice lipsticks when I turned and saw some of the Estee Edit lipsticks in Sephora.  There was a gorgeous teal blue! I swatched it and swooned, I had to buy it.  It's named The Storm, it's one of their mattes. It's a no joke blue - darker than my others, and not one that people won't notice.
I got my opportunity to wear it recently when my brother, niece and nephew came to visit.  The "kids" (20 and 15, so not little kids) wanted to go into the city at night, which I thought was the perfect time to wear my lippie. I even asked my niece first if it would embarrass her ("no").  I even had a tunic that matched the color almost perfectly.  The funny thing was, once I left home I forgot I was even wearing it. We went to a neighborhood that is above the downtown area and gives a beautiful view of the city skyline. It's a popular place to go for tourists and residents alike so I was around plenty of people and I don't think I got too many side eyes, just one or two, honestly.

If you are an "out there" kind of person who likes to play with color, definitely check this one out.

The Storm by The Estee Edit with MAC's Soft Hint lipstick over it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bangin' Brilliant permanent products from MAC

If you look back through my blog, it's easy to see that I love bright colors. I attribute it to 2 influences - Southern California and MAC make-up.  Before those 2 things, I was an East Coast girl with the typical black and gray wardrobe and make-up shades to match. On a day-to-day basis the most adventurous I got with make-up colors was mid-toned purple eye shadow and berry lip stick. I remember the first time I saw Urban Decay make-up at Sephora - wow! So "out there".

The first time I walked into a MAC store in Atlanta, I was amazed by the variety of colors. I mean really amazed. I didn't know they made so many colors for make-up.  Then I moved from Atlanta to Orange County, CA, with 2 MAC stores close to me. I fell in love, both with Southern California and MAC. I used to joke that someone could blindfold me and walk me into a MAC store and I'd know exactly where I was.  So I began to expand my color selections, both in my clothes and my make-up. I remember buying Up the Amp lipstick and thinking I was wearing something pretty wild. Now I look at it and it looks so tame.  The world of make-up has changed a lot since 2004.  I've stayed pretty loyal to MAC, but I've been eyeing the blue and green lipsticks from indie cosmetics companies.  Now finally, MAC has added those colors to their permanent collection.  First they released some sheer lipsticks in blue and yellow with their collaboration with Chris Chang. now they've released a collection called Bangin' Brilliant, lipsticks in a variety of hues and textures, and now eye shadows to go along with them, as well as a few bright colored blushes.

I snapped up the blue lipsticks right away, although the matte blue Dreampot isn't the best look on my aging lips, since it shows every lip line.  I'm in love with Dew, though. I also got Lured In from the Blue Nectar collection, and I was lucky enough to get several of the frost lipsticks at my local Nordstroms.  For the most part they are very sheer, most look best layered over other lipstick. My favorite is Model Behavior. Not only is it more opaque, it's just a gorgeous color.  Here's a few swatches of the regular lipsticks and the frosts.

From L to R: Dreampot, Dew, and Lured In (from the Blue Nectar collection)



Dreampot alone (no primer or lip liner)

Dreampot with clear gloss

Model Behavior

Pick Me! Pick Me! Looks more blue on my lips than pink

Pink, you think? One of the more opaque colors

Soft Hint. Kind of disappointed that it is so sheer. Obviously made to wear over a lip liner or lipstick
Spoiled Fabulous. It's hard to see here but it is medium opacity, a very pretty gold shimmer

Monday, June 27, 2016

Try some new lip colors, like slate blue. You might be surprised

The only proper colors for lips are shades of red and pink, you think? What about purple? Have you noticed how popular purple has become?  I was an early adopter of purple back in 2004 or so (MAC's Up the Amp is one of my all time favorites).
Lots of small, indie cosmetic companies have been making lipstick and glosses in every color that you can imagine for a few years now. I'd look at photos and I was always drawn to the blues. Then I'd remember the few times that I wore blue lipstick back in the 80's. It made my teeth look yellow.
"Not a good look", I'd tell myself, "not practical, either".  When I first saw the lipstick in MAC x Halsey, I was curious about it, but I kept talking myself out of it because it wasn't practical.  Then I read an article in Elle about the new colors becoming popular in lipsticks, and they had a photo of MAC x Halsey.  So I gave in, bought it, and tried it on my lips.  I can definitely wear this. In fact, I can see me wearing it a lot in the fall. Sure, I'll probably get some side-eye looks from others, but I don't care. It's the beginning of my experimental nature finally coming back to me.  I thought that maybe I'd gotten too old for unusual colors in make-up, hair, etc. I changed my mind, though.  If I like the way that I look and it brings me a bit of happiness to experiment, I think it's worth it to be bold.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Why you might want to try a little ombre on your lips

First, if you're not sure what ombre means, it's simply a gradation in color. So one colors fades into another and possible more.  It's used in art, textiles, hair color, nail art and make-up.  Ombre hair color has been popular for the past few years, but ombre lipstick hasn't been quite as popular. The best reason to use ombre on your lips is because it makes them look fuller. Light areas look larger while darker areas appear smaller.  So putting a slightly lighter color in the center of your lips creates dimension that might not be there otherwise. Generally the people who use the technique are make-up artists or very into make-up and pretty good at the technique.  Some of you might like natural looking make-up or just put some on quickly for work, etc. and don't try out trends that often.  But a subtle ombre technique with your lip color doesn't require a half hour of practice and it doesn't have to look obvious.  If you have some lip pencils in a color a few shades darker than a lipstick it's pretty easy. And if you have gloss in the same color family and a little highlighter, even better.

I did the lip below one night just to play around.  I outlined my lips and filled in the outer parts of them with a MAC lip pencil in the color Beet.  Then I filled in the center part of my lips with a MAC liner named Hip n Happy, but any lighter pink lipstick or pencil will work.

Next I put some light purple gloss over the light pink pencil.  This gloss is Narcissus by MAC.

Then I blended the gloss out a little, which is as easy as pressing your lips together.

Last I took a little bit of white highlighting cream (Luna Cream Color by MAC) and pressed it in the bow above my upper lip. I really liked the result, so I think I'll be doing this a little more often.  Give it a try sometime.

Friday, June 3, 2016

MAC X Chris Chang for Poesia collection

This is my favorite MAC collection for a long time, probably since Alluring Aquatics.  The packaging is just stunning. Every item I bought is like a little piece of art.  And most of the colors are actually unique, too.  I'm very surprised that it didn't sell out quickly, but that was good for me and anyone else who hasn't bought it yet.

I'm guessing that a lot of people looked at the swatches on Temptalia and decided the lipsticks were too sheer, especially the yellow and blue. All that meant to me was that I would need to wear a liner under the blue if I wanted more opaque color.  Vermillion Vee and DDDevilish are perfect as they are, as is Plum Princess.  I didn't buy the yellow because I won't wear it as-is and I don't need it to correct the color of other lippies. (I've got other yellows already.)

The lipsticks are all beautiful, but my personal favorite is Plum Princess. It's very unique in my collection, it's a gray-lavender, and just beautiful.  The eyeshadows are all very nice, too.  The orange is a little more coral, but I've got other bright orange shadows so that was okay. The yellow is a nice, bright, opaque yellow, and the blue is a nice opaque robin's egg blue. I skipped the pink because I have so many similar colors already.

Overall I highly recommend this collection if you like special packaging and unique colors. Back in 2008 I got a postcard from MAC about Manish Aurora, and I didn't even go look at that collection.  What a mistake! It had such gorgeous packaging.  I wasn't about to make that mistake again with this one.  Here's some photos of the products and swatches.

DDDevilish,  Cloud Gait, and Plum Princess

Royal Woo, Pale Pipa, Electric Mandarin

Vermillion Vee
Cloud Gait

Cloud Gait, with lip liner on top, without liner on bottom


Plum Princess

Plum Princess, no liner or primer

Vermillion Vee. Yes, even women over 50 can wear these!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What kind of eye liner works well on "mature" eyes?

 As older women know, it gets hard to use any kind of liner when the skin on your eyes is lax, and liquid liner is the hardest. You can have the steadiest hand in the world, but as the liner goes across the skin it will hit bumps and skip over some segments of your eyelid.  If you draw it on with your skin pulled taut, when you let go of the skin the liner still doesn't look smoothly drawn on. (It's a bitch to apply eye make-up when you get older, so enjoy it it while you can, younger ladies!) I honestly had no idea how much I'd have to change my make-up routine when I got older.

Most of the time I use eye pencils because they're quick and I'm usually in a hurry.  I have a variety from MAC, a lot of Urban Decay's 24/7 pencils, and a few of Mufe's aqua liners.  I like them because they're soft and I usually smudge them. I don't expect precise lines from them, because that's not what they're best for.

If I want a more precise line, I use MAC's fluid line gel liners with a slanted angle eye brush.  I love gel's staying power, and it seems to flow over the bumpy loose skin easier than a liquid liner. It's also easier to fix than a liquid.

Those are my 2 go-to's. But when I'm in the mood for a liquid liner look, I use MAC's new fluid line pens. They work the best of all liquid liners that I've tried.  Not perfectly smooth, but pretty close.

Do any of you women over 50 have a favorite eye liner?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kat Von D lipstick

When Sephora was having it's VIB sale I decided to try some new lipsticks. Not that I need any, but it's good sometimes to try some different brands.  I had heard good things about the Kat Von D lipsticks, and I loved the way the bullet was made, so I tried 2 of them.  I got Lovecraft and Wonderchilde.  Wonderchilde is actually a unique purple, due to some blue pigment that you can see separate from the purple. I was so happy with that because I have a lot of purple lipsticks, so it was nice that it was different.

Lovecraft is a beautiful nude. Again, I have a lot of nude lipsticks so I was glad that I liked it.

I will say, I'm not totally wowed by the texture of these. It's not bad, but it also doesn't glide onto the lips like some other brands I use (Nars and MAC). You definitely have to exfoliate your lips before wearing these. In the future if I'm going to go outside of my MAC zone to try other lipsticks, I'll go with Urban Decay, Nars or Laura Mercier.