Monday, February 25, 2013

My favorite Oscar dresses

There were some definite trends on the red carpet for the Academy Awards.  Strapless dresses were everywhere, but a smaller trend was metallic sequined dresses.  Those were my favorites.  I found them far more interesting.  I've posted pictures of my favorites below, and a few other notable ones (all photos from The Cut).  

Nicole Kidman in L'Wren Scott tied with the next one for my favorite.

Stacy Kiebler tied for my favorite dress by Naeem Kahn.  AND she's with George Clooney! Lucky girl.

Sandra Bullock was also beautiful in Elie Saab
Naomi Watts had one of the most uniquely beautiful dresses -  Armani Prive
One exception to my metallic favorites was a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown that Amy Adams wore. The bottom had a huge train that looked like it was made of light blue feathers.

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta 
I also really loved Jennifer Hudson's blue metallic dress, and her hair. Having such a rich jewel color on her dress made her stand out from the crowd in a good way.

Jennifer Hudson's dress was by Roberto Cavalli. I loved her straight, glossy hair, it looked very 1960's mod.

And oh, poor Jennifer Lawrence! Her SAG dress tore, and this one tripped her up on her way up the stairs.  To her credit, she quickly got up and proceeded to get her Oscar and give a nice acceptance speech.
I find this picture oddly beautiful. I'm sure Jennifer Lawrence was embarrassed, but it showed that even Best Actress winners can trip on their dresses.  It's not the end of the world if you compose yourself and keep going, like so many things in life.  And she looked beautiful in her Dior dress.
 And last, for a "what the hell was she thinking?" photo... Brandi Glanville from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is either way too much of a exhibitionist for me, or her dress was falling off.  For her sake, I hope it was the latter.
The "I saw your boobs!" song forgot to mention Brandi.  It's a miracle we didn't see her nipples!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

A web site for all of your hair care needs

If you're looking for a new place to buy hair products, or a place to buy all of your hair products at the same time, you might want to try  I stumbled across it while looking for reviews on flat irons.  Not only did I find those, I found just about anything related to hair.  Tools like hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, brushes, serums, hair sprays, instructions on how to do hair styles, techniques for curling, flat ironing, etc.  
I read tons of reviews on several different kinds of flat irons, and finally decided on a Sedu Revolution.  I'd never even heard of that brand before.  Suffice to say that you won't find them in WalMart, TJ Maxx, or Target.  And my purchase, a day or so before Valentine's Day, qualified me to receive a 2nd flat iron from Solia, also a top-rated iron.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with two of them, but I wasn't about to refuse a free one!  I got them both within a few business days of my order.  They were packed nicely in a box with a packing list glued inside.  
I haven't tried them yet, but when I do I'll write a review on them.  This post was about Folica, and so far, they get a big thumbs up from me.
There's no mistaking their box in the mail!

The open box and packing list inside the lid

The controls of my new Sedu flat iron

The free Solia flat iron
 Check them out at:  Btw, I do not receive any kind of compensation from Folica or any of the products mentioned here.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

oops! I shaved off my eye brow!

I used to get my brows done by a woman who used scissors to trim them, and she did such a great job that I felt like I should do that, too.  Of course, I have no idea of the method for this.  But how hard can it be?  Just trim off the ends.  During the holidays I bought a tiny shaver at Marshall's. It said on the package that you could use it to trim your eye brows. So I opened up my package with the shaver, looked it over, and saw a switch that turned it on.  When it comes to reading directions, sometimes I'm like a guy.  I didn't want to read how to use this thing, I just want to use it.  So I hovered it over my eye brows, and don't ask me how, but I didn't notice that I'd shaved off almost all of the brow in one spot.  Then I used it on the other one.  Finally I admitted to myself that I didn't know what the hell I was doing.  I had two eye brows with spots missing.  Very attractive!  I got out my brow pencil and my brow shadow and got to work hiding my bald spots.
(For brevity I just showed one here since I used the same process on both brows.)

The beginning brow, missing hair at the very beginning of it.

 I used a Cover Girl eye brow pencil to draw one line on the bottom of my brows (or as close as I could get with the bad mirror I had).  This is part of my regular brow routine - it helps to define them.

Then I filled in the "bald spots" with the pencil

Then I used an angled brush to fill in the brows more with brow powder, using a slightly darker shade on the arch and the bald spot.

The combination of the pencil and shadow filled in the bare spot pretty well, I think.  I definitely won't be doing this again.  Maybe I'll get some scissors...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brown eye shadow and lipstick

I've been trying to do some tutorials with more ordinary looks, which is difficult for me. I think I succeeded with this one, though.  It's a nice soft brown eye that you can make dramatic with some thick liner and dark lips, or go for a soft look by making the liner thin and wearing a lighter color of lipstick or gloss.

Here's what the finished eye looked like.

Here are the products that I used:
MAC eye shadow in soft brown matte
Laura Mercier eye shadow in Truffle
MAC Fluidline (a cream liner) in Dip Down
L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber mascara
MAC lipstick in Film Noir
Anastasia brow powder (Blonde)

I always use Urban Decay's eye primer first.
After the primer dried, I used MAC's soft brown shadow from the corner of my eye to the middle.

Next I used Laura Mercier's brown shadow named "Truffle" in the crease and outer corner of my eye.

 I used a fluffy brush to blend the shadow so it wasn't as dark.

 I used an off-white shadow to highlight under the arch of my brow.

 More blending - just go back and forth or in small circles until it's blended to your satisfaction.  Ideally you shouldn't see any obvious demarcation between shadow colors.

 I used a cream dark brown liner (MAC's fluidline in Dip Down) to line my upper eye

I extended a line from the bottom of my eye out and up to create a cat eye.

I drew a thick line on the bottom of my eye, too.  Again, if you want a more natural look, make your line thin.

I smudged a little bit of the brown shadow over the liner with a thin, flat brush

Here's the finished eye. Notice how nicely blended the shadows are.

 Again, I created a dramatic look by putting on dark brown lipstick. If you want a softer look, you could wear a nude or light-colored lipstick. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Especially to all of you who are single, like me. :-)


Monday, February 11, 2013

More from Fashion Week collections

I thought I'd post some more photos of outfits that I liked from the fashion week shows.  This time all of the photos are from the collection of Zac Posen, a new judge on TV's project runway.  He had quite a lot of very nice things, but I just chose a few of my favorites to post here (click on the Fashion tab to see all of the photos).  I have more on my Pinterest board, under the user name 405 Creations, pinned on the board Fall Fashion 2013.  Once again, all of these photos are from, my favorite place to look at photos from the shows.

This skirt and top are so beautiful, and fun at the same time.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

So much happening these next days!

Yesterday was the start of Fashion Week in New York, the twice yearly event where fashion designers show their collections to buyers, editors, celebrities, bloggers and a few others. It used to be a purely business event, where the only people in attendance were buyers and editors.  In recent years, however, it's become entertainment as well as business.  While I've never been able to attend, it's almost not necessary anymore.  Many shows are live-streamed online, and web sites like put photos of the collections online the same day that they show (all of the photos below are from  
On another note, I've got a few things on my mind right now.  My father has a 3 day appointment at the Cancer Treatment Center starting today where hopefully they'll come up with a better treatment plan than the doctors that he's already seen (which has been chemo as the only option).  I've heard great things about them and am very hopeful that they'll give him good advice. Originally he was to have surgery where they would completely remove his bladder, but the surgeon changed his mind, saying that he didn't think that my father's heart would hold up through the surgery. (For any of you who smoke, be aware that bladder cancer is strongly linked to smoking.  I know that when you're young it seems like smoking can't hurt.  The future seems so far away.  But it can come up faster than you expect.  I was in my early 40's when I was diagnosed with cancer.  Surprised me AND my doctors.  So don't think that it can't happen to you.)  Anyhow, back to my father... I realize that my father is getting older and at some point I will have to deal with the loss of him. But I'm not ready for that yet.  I also have a few personal decisions that I'm trying to make right now.  And so, what better thing to distract myself with than looking at the collections that showed today?
I must say, I wasn't blown away.  There were a few things I liked, but there were more that I didn't like.  I chose a few photos to share with you, and I have more on my Pinterest board for Fall 2013
First, I love a good suit, and this one from Veronica Beard is gorgeous.  As someone who would look terrible in skinny pants, I was so glad to see these nicely flaired pants.

Veronica Beard A/W 13

This jacket from Veronica is fantastic, too.  I would LOVE to have it.
Veronica Beard Fall 2013
Although I don't wear fur, I liked this skirt a lot. I would have paired it with a dressier top, though.  After all, I don't think that I could wear it on a casual outing considering the length.

How cute is this skirt from Lisa Perry?  There's also a matching coat, and the dress below this photo.

I also liked this black and white dress - such a cool pattern (although I think it would make people stare at your breasts whether they wanted to or not.)

Last, in the sad category of anorexic looking models...  This can't possibly be healthy! Her legs look too thin to carry her body.  Is it just me??

Creatures of Comfort 

P.S. I realize that technically this should be on the fashion page, but since the post was a mix of personal and fashion, I chose to put it on my general page.

Monday, February 4, 2013

What makes you feel attractive?

This question was posed to me recently, and I had to think hard about my answer.  Was it a good hair day? Nice lipstick? Being in good shape? Having a manicure? High heels?  The answer to all of those was "no", although they all help, especially a good hair day.  My answer is having my brows done, preferably with a good arch.
For many years I didn't realize what an effect good eye brows have.  Then I saw a movie with Angelina Jolie in it. She was one of the most stunning women I'd ever seen. Over time I pondered what made her so attractive.  The full lips were an easy thing to choose.  But the longer I looked at her, the more I realized that for me, it was her eyes. Specifically, her eye brows. They had such a great arch.  She always looked like she was saying "come here, baby" without saying a word.  (see the following photos)

Look at the arch in Angelina Jolie's brows - a fabulous seductive look

Hardly any make up, but the arch in the brow still makes her look fantastic

Angelina's brows are a little thicker now (as that is the current look), but they still have a great arch
Me? I had no come hither look. I hated plucking my eye brows. It was painful so I just didn't do it. But now I wondered what they could look like. So off to the salon I went to try getting my brows waxed. Afterwards, I was amazed at how much it opened up my face.  Left to their own devices, my brows go straight across. After waxing, they had a nice rounded arch.  I was hooked.  When I moved to California, my "next door neighbor" at work was a gorgeous Persian woman. I asked her where she got her brows done, and found a make up artist that spent most of her day on Saturday waxing brows.  She was so good that I'd get compliments on my eye brows.
Recently I've been very short on cash, so instead of my monthly waxing, I've been plucking my own.  It's not nearly as painful as I remembered, and I'm pleased with the results.  I will never be able to get an arch like Olivia Wilde (see below), but my own is not too shabby (scroll to the last photos).
Olivia Wilde's brows are favorites of mine, too.  All in all, her eyes are beautiful.

This photo of Olivia Wilde shows that it doesn't matter what color your brows are, as long as they're visible
My own brows aren't even - my right one is higher and has a better arch than the left

Make sure that your brows are dark enough to be a frame for your eyes
What about you?  Do you get your brows done or do you do your own?  Do you like your eye brows?

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Bringing back gold lipstick

 Before Christmas, I did a tutorial with silver eye shadow and gold/copper metallic lipgloss.  I loved the way that the lips looked, so I searched MAC's web site for some similar lipstick.  They had one named Bronze Shimmer, which looked like what I wanted.  I ordered it and when I got it I LOVED it.  It's a little more gold than bronze, but I think it looks great.  I'm well aware that gold lipstick hasn't been "in" for a long time, but I think we should bring it back.  What do you think?