Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review of Sedu Revolution Nano Tourmaline Ionic flat iron

A month or so ago I ordered a new flat iron online.  Mine was several years old (more than 5), and I wanted a new one that had all of the advanced technologies that help protect your hair from damage.  I did research online and found that a lot of people liked one of the Sedu flat irons, but they had problems with it not working after a few months.  It turned out the problem came from a connection wearing out from the rotating cord.  But people RAVED about the way it made their hair look while it was working.  I like having a swivel cord, so I didn't want to buy one without that, but obviously I wanted it to keep working.  I finally decided to go up to a more expensive Sedu model that didn't have any bad reviews.  (I noticed in it's owners manual they caution about pulling on the cord or wrapping the cord around the iron for storage.  I'm assuming that's due to the problems with the other one.  I'm very careful with the cord on mine.)
I've been using it for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it.  I have naturally wavy, frizzy hair, and I haven't had it cut since July, so the ends are rather dry.  When I used my old iron it took several times of running my hair through to get it straight.  With the Sedu I can get it in one run through.  It gets beautifully straight, especially when I used Kerastase's thermique protecting cream.  Here's some before and afters.  The before isn't the waviest my hair gets - when I brush it it becomes straighter but frizzier, hence the look in these pictures.  (And yes, my eyebrow is basically gone in these photos, due to an accident with a tiny razor.)
So, before...

And after...

If you're in the market for a new flat iron, this is one you should consider.  And no, I haven't received any kind of compensation for this review!

P.S.  When I bought this from Folica.com, I wrote a post saying what a great site it was because it had everything for your hair.  Unfortunately, they backordered one thing that I bought, but charged me for it up front.  After a month, they sent me an email saying that they still didn't have it in stock, but that once they got it they'd send it to me.  At that point I asked them to cancel that order and refund my money.  They replied to my email saying that they'd cancelled it and had credited my paypal account.  A few days later I checked PayPal, and there wasn't a credit there.  For these reasons I don't think I'll be buying from Folica again.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kerastase thermique works some serious magic

Like many women, I've amassed a collection of partially used hair care products while searching for ones that really work.    I'm cautiously optimistic that my search has ended when it comes to a heat styling protectant.  I was browsing through the Kerastase web site and noticed that most of the rave reviews were for its thermique products.  Their purpose is to protect hair from heat damage.  I had just bought a new one from Alterna's caviar line, but I wasn't too happy with it.  Like the other ones I'd used, when I'd spray it on, sometimes it hit the intended hair and sometimes it didn't.  It also seemed to make my hair crispy in spots, and a little frizzy, even after flat-ironing. It also took a LONG time to flat iron my long hair.  So tedious!

I decided to give the Kerastase one a try, along with their shampoo and conditioner.  The most difficult thing about their site was choosing which kind I should buy - curly hair, long hair, color treated hair, fine hair....  I finally decided to get their Cristaliste shampoo, conditioner and serum since I have long hair.  It's supposed to be a light formula for long, thick hair or long, fine hair (I bought the one for long, thick hair). For the heat-protectant, though, I got the one for color-treated hair, named Chroma Thermique.

Monday night I tried all of them.  I didn't notice anything different when I washed my hair, and the serum was like any other when putting it in.  I usually let my hair air dry, so I can't attest to how it all would work with a blow dryer.  But when it dried it was very soft, and had no frizz at all.  I was surprised to find that the thermique was a cream instead of a spray.  I was afraid it would make my hair oily, but it looked better than it did with the sprays I've used.  Flat-ironing it was a breeze compared with how it usually is. It straightening easily, and it didn't take nearly as long.  Also, usually when I flat-iron it, it gets thicker, as if I suddenly have more hair.  That's not really a bad thing, but it's not something I need, either.  With the Kerastase it is much smoother and silkier.  It's also very shiny.  Overall, it looks great and feels great.  I'm psyched.  I always wanted to be one of those women with smooth, shiny hair and now I am.

I ordered mine from their web site, but there are salons that carry it and probably some other stores.  I highly recommend giving the thermique product a try.  If any of you have used any of their other products I would love to hear what you thought of them.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

MAC lipstick swatches

 When I saw an ad for the new Viva Glam lipstick from MAC, I had to have it.  A lovely light purple for spring!  Being a bit of a lipstick addict, I ordered two more while I was at it (I order online since that gives me access to all of their products).  I'd been wanting to order Saint Germain since I saw it on someone in a magazine, and I decided to try something different and get one of their Sheen Supreme lipsticks.  Who could resist a name like Insanely It?
Surprisingly, the Sheen Supreme was my favorite color, then the Saint Germain, and last the Viva Glam Nicki 2.  Keep in mind that the skin on your hand is not the same color as your lips.  Colors that are bright on pale skin won't be as bright on your lips, especially if your lips are highly pigmented.  The Viva Glam is more sheer than I thought it would be, so it will take a few layers for the color to look like it does in the tube.   Overall, though, I was happy with all three.  They're nice, bright colors that will be great for spring, if it ever comes to my part of the country.  We're still waiting...

From left to right:  MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2, Saint Germain, and Insanely It
From left to right:  Insanely It, Saint Germain, and Viva Glam Nicki 2

Are any of you buying bright colors for new spring make up?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Daze (Shock)

This past summer I fell in love with a pair of wine-colored Kenneth Cole shoes.  The fabric was  a combination of patent leather and velvet, and they were named Daze Shock.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  I've been looking for a nude-colored pair of shoes for at least a year, maybe more.  I've seen many but they were never quite right.  And then I saw this pair in TJ Maxx.  It turns out that they're also Kenneth Cole Daze Shock, but these are all patent leather, and nude.  I snatched them off of the rack.
How great is it when you find exactly what you want at a great price?

Friday, March 8, 2013

The good thing about winter is...

When I looked out the window on Wednesday, this is what I saw.  I'm probably as sick of winter as the next person, but there is one thing that I like about it.  Dark lipstick.

The view out my kitchen window
I think dark lipsticks look great in the fall and winter, but not so much during spring and summer. So I'm squeezing in the wearing of dark lipstick for these last few days or weeks of winter.  I love the drama that a dark lipstick gives.  If I'm in a hurry and don't have time for all of my make up, I just do my brows and swipe on a dark lipstick.  The look below I did with MAC lipstick in Film Noir, a very dark brown, my eye brow pencil and shadow (both Anastasia of Beverly Hills), and a tinted primer, Pores No More from Dr. Brandt.  I like myself better with eyeshadow, too, but this wasn't a bad look for a trip to the grocery store.

And one more thing, a favor that I'm asking of you...  My little girl Scully (in the picture below) is almost 16 years old and is having some health problems.  (The condensed version of this is to ask for prayers for her.)  I first noticed that she was losing weight and drinking a lot.  Since I just lost my cat Buddy to kidney disease in October, I was acutely aware that Scully was showing the same symptoms.  The vet ran blood work and found her kidneys were starting to fail, but worse was her diagnosis of hyper thyroid disease. I started her on medicine then, and took her back this week to see how it's working.  It does seem to be helping her thyroid, but she is still losing weight and has been coughing a lot.  Follow up blood work shows that something is very wrong with her heart, among other things.  She has been with me through relationship break ups, moving across the country twice, and so many other things.  I am not even over Buddy's death, and the thought of losing my other girl so soon fills my eyes with tears.  If you're a praying kind of person, could you say one for her?  And if you could throw in one for my Dad's surgery this coming Wednesday (to remove a malignant tumor) that would be really great, too.
Thanks, everyone!

Scully in the bed that her friend Buddy used to sleep in

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target

The week before last I decided to go to my local Target and check out the collaboration that they had with Prabal Gurung. I've liked Prabal's designs in the past, and the commercials showed some cute things as well.  The collection had been in stores for a few days by the time I got there, so there was very little left. Most of the popular sizes were gone, too. I did manage to find 2 things that I liked that fit me.  The first is a bright blue and peach cardigan.  It's very thin, perfect for layering, and so cute.

There was also a black floral tank top that I liked a lot.  I'll have to wait a little while until it's warm enough to wear it, but I'm glad that I got it.

There were several very cute, colorful items left that I would have liked to have had if they'd had them in my size.  But that's what I get for waiting to go check it out!  Did any of you buy something from the collection?